•June 3, 2011 • 4 Comments

Twisted me in your words,
made me fall for you.
Picked me from the herds,
and made me follow you.

Flowers, stars, chocolates,
everything I did for you.
Parties, dresses, serenades,
did all you wanted me to.

Went on a knee with a rose,
the way ’twas dreamt by you.
Wrote poetry and even prose,
as emotive as desired by you.

Changed everything about me,
just so I could appease to you.
Still you stood before me,
stabbing me like you loved to.

Realized my folly, a bit delayed,
overvalued a shallow hal like you.
My sweet welcome you’ve overstayed,
now disappear lest I scathe you.


I was up

•January 21, 2011 • 3 Comments

She said I wasn’t there,
In my head, it wasn’t fair.
She said I was selfish,
When I gave her alot to cherish.
She said I didn’t give her time,
When she clouded every thought of mine.

She was out with her friends, and, I was up.
Waited for her to return, and, I was up.
She cried herself to sleep, and, I was up.
Her tears haunted me, and, I was up.

She said we had grown apart,
In my heart, we did never part.
She said it was not the same,
When it was anything but mundane.
Rhymes were boring, she wanted more,
When in my rhymes, my heart did I pour.

She screamed in anguish, and, I was up.
Tired of screaming, she slept, and, I was up.
She always managed to sleep, and I was always up.
She’s sleeping right now, and I still, am up.

The Proposal

•January 15, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Someone comes home after work at around 8 in the evening and is cursing her life because she knows shed have to open up the house and then cook smthing for the night as well…only if she had any clue about the events that would unfold that night, shed have known better…
to her surprise, alongside the lock she finds a folded piece of paper…and as her eyes fall onto the text written on that paper, she has a smile on her face, giving a hint that maybe she knows wats in store for her…but only if she knew even a bit of wat was coming…
keeping the paper saying” open up to a new world..open up to an amazing night..open up to love”, in her bag and opened up the lock…
as she pushed the door ajar, she has the confused look on her face, because the room is dark and by the looks of it, everything seems to be same….until the UV light comes on…and no, theres no ross gellar awaiting her with his hideously white teeth…:)..instead she finds smthing written all over the walls of the room…and when she reads that, she just drops her bag right there and a tear rolls down her eye…
wat she saw on those walls told her that this was indeed gonna change her life, and hopefully for the better…
her eyes fell upon a small couplet written in a corner of the wall… it went smthing like this…
ive dreamt a lot, ive desired so much
all my searches have been futile as such
its now i realize wat ive wanted for long
its u and ur love ive wanted all along….
but this only manages to bring a smile to her face…doesnt really have that effect to bring that precious tear to her eye..
so what does lead her to well up a bit..and its then that she looks back at the text that took her by surprise…
and there it is..on the wall ..in bold letters…
and she cant hold her tear back but just then as the pearl drop trickles down her cheek, the lights go off and the text disappears slowly, and a slight hue of orange fills the room and she finds someone kneeling before her with a rose in his hand and a smile on his face..
and just as he’s about to say aomething, she breaks down and hugs him tightly…thats all he had hoped for..he had his answer…
right there in his arms…and he wouldnt have let go of her for anything in the world…only if the night wasnt as long and only if he hadnt planned a lot more for the most amazing night she would have ever had…

Don’t go

•July 21, 2010 • 12 Comments

Hold that step for a brief moment
Let that half open door be dormant
There is something I need you to see
From before when you decided to flee

A little girl was jumping puddles in the rain
Excited by the thought that she could fly
As her feet slipped threatening her pain
A hand held her and her fears passed by

She left home to follow her dreams
Plagued by her parents’ reprimanding screams
Over a phone call her tears exposed her fright
And a guy flew across oceans to make it alright

A lousy day at work, she craved to vent out
Left for home almost certain to pick up a fight
Surprised by what she never hoped to come about
She was greeted by her favourite dinner by candlelight

If these moments mean as much to you
As for whom you are all there is to life
Let’s try to work at it the way we do
Stay back, please don’t go my wife

A girl I know

•February 20, 2010 • 3 Comments

In a small town, a girl grew up more like a guy,
Sick of all the bitchy girls, she just wanted to fly.
Her innocent heart fluttered and desired for some love,
Met a guy and hoped for love as pure as a dove.

The guy trusted his friends more than he trusted her,
Believed on hearsay and broke her heart to make her suffer.
The girl found solace in the company of a good friend,
Little did she know, with his shoulder, his heart he would lend.

Unaware of everything else, she fell for him so deep,
Little did she know even he would make her weep.
He gave her a sense of security and a beautiful dream,
But every now and then, the dream was shattered in ‘tween.

She held onto the dream, and the belief of soul mate love,
Despite the frequent insults, and moments of push coming to shove.
Began to realize the mess she was in, albeit a little too late,
With her friends egging her, a stand she did take.

All through this while, a boy stayed still without asking why,
Made her laugh her heart out when all she wanted to do was cry.
He felt she deserved all the love that she could get,
So he loved her in a way she could never forget.

The loneliness proved to be too much for her guy,
To be sweet and caring, he promised to try.
As it would happen, the girl believed him yet again,
But the boy still prays for her to be loved without receiving pain.

The mystery that she was…

•July 12, 2009 • 9 Comments

As i lie down on my bed and reach out for the lamp, i graze along something smooth..
thinking it to be da satin sheets i just bought the other day, i turn on da lamp to get a glass of water..
the sight that greets my eye, amazes me to the extent of stupification…
what i see, leaves me dumbfounded…how in the good name of lord could this be reality…am i seeing things or is this for real…
i reach out and after much deliberation and hesitation, touch it with my fingertip…and it doesn’t vanish…
gosh!! this is real…my finger is actually touching the bare back of a girl who’s lying sideways on the other side of the bed…
just the smoothness and da curve of da back is enough to bring that twinkle to my eyes, but yet da eye longs for more..
moving my hands in da slightly entangled hair, i touch the shoulder, and it sends a shiver down my spine..just da touch…
im truly amazed now..and wondering wat would happen or would have happened if i had touched this girls face..
as the curiosity gets da better of me, i lean over to see da face of this mystery that’s sharing the bed with me..
and as my eyes start da scan, they come across tender eyelids which are closed as if they are concealing the mysteries of all da deepest oceans within…
to the nose which seems like a bridge frm these oceans to the land where my heart is bound to experience the most beautiful feeilngs it ever can…
the chin so tiny…so adorable that i could just look at it forever…but something  just strikes me…

how could i not notice…
now dat i look at this face in totality, i recognize it from somewhere….this is da face of da one who’s haunted me day in and day out…and made my life so beautiful, that it seemed meeting her and being with her and to receive her love would be da only purpose of my existence on this planet…
this is da face of my very own angel…my love..mine..all mine…
and just the realization that its her whom ive been with on my bed and its her back that i was touching, brings contentment and joy,so unbound to my heart, that the joy of becoming a father would closely compete with this…
and as i slowly let this realization sink in, i move my fingers on her lips and they curve upwards…the eyes flutter and open to see me smiling in front of her…with a smile that would connect two hearts in an instant…
and then i reach out for her lips and………

I love you…

•July 12, 2009 • 3 Comments

you are like an intoxicant, who can drug me and leave me high, without even tasting you…
just your aura, the scent…seems to transport me to that special place where all i can visualize is the land your words paint for my head…
a land so beautiful, i’d never wanna return…a land so mystique, i’d wanna stay and cherish each moment while i’m there…
and while i’m there, i’d wish for each moment to be spent holding your hand and hoping that you never let go…

if god had asked me a reason as to wat i would need eyes for, i’d have said to see da world, to see da nature in all its forms, to see beauty and appreciate it, to take in da wonders dat u have created and keep those images in mah heart forever, but after talkin to you, i’d have only one reason…give me eyes, so that they can be taken away by pom(princess of mak) and may i be blinded by her ..blinded in her love…
i’d give u more than you can ever imagine…i’d give you watever i can conjure up my strength to deliver..i would give u a reason to wake up each morning and to live life…coz you’ve given me a reason to love
i just need an assurance that you’d be there for me…and just this assurance from you would make me smile for a long time to come..for a time as long as it takes for da sun to shrink to a micron, for da time it takes for da poles to melt, for da time it would take for all life forms to become extinct…for the time it would take my words to fill your heart with love, so pure….love so pristine…love so divine…that all i live for, is to give you love…

just a few words more…just smthing i really wanna do  i wanna hold, and keep you forever….i wanna hold you, and make you feel as if it just can’t get any better….i wanna hold u, and tell you that even if you close your eyes and walk backwards, you would fall into my arms….
i would hold u, nurturing a small hope…
hoping that you light up my world under the sun…
hoping that i’d be held back in return…
held back in return…

i love you…